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At KijiK we’re adept at telling our client’s stories over multiple media platforms. We can take your company from concept to having a strong market presence utilizing our over 16 years of multi-media experience working with clients large and small. We’ve worked in many industries with a varied client base. From the US Air Force to Bacardi, Insurance to Urban Neighborhood branding, we’ve even helped to brand an entire month for one of our clients. Concept, logo design, website, social media design, live events, branded videos, app development, hats, t-shirts, banners, posters, we do it and more. If you need us to travel, do an animation, a 3D rendering, a branded film, even design a comic, we’ll do just about anything to help tell your story. Below are just a few clients we’ve helped to get their stories to the world. We’ll have in depth case studies soon, so stay tuned. Let us know how we can help you with your story at info@kijikmultimedia.com.


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From feature film to television to corporate, we’ve worked with clients as varied as the US Air Force to Bacardi to the Miami Science Museum. We also produce our own projects like our documentary “Sove Nou” narrated by Danny Glover and our critically acclaimed multi-platform series “The Beach Chronicles” featuring Daryl Hannah, Michael Chiklis, Jimmy Jean Louis from “Heroes Reborn” and “Heroes”. We even have a radio program and comic, TBC Radio Noir and the comic book based off of the podcast featuring Emmy Award winning actor Jordi Vilasuso and Nancy Sinatra.


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Kijik Multimedia has entertainment properties in many areas of media-film, television, documentary, animation, comic book; stories across new media platforms-social, mobile, multi-device, multi-platform and development in emerging medias such as virtual and augmented reality. We’ve worked with and have in our projects some of the top celebrities from the entertainment industry; Danny Glover, Daryl Hannah, Michael Chiklis, Tommy Flanagan, Maria Bello, Jimmy Jean Louis and more. Below are just a few of our in house projects and related material.


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