KijiK Multimedia has helped to put together two of the premier promotional months in Miami for the biggest promoter of Miami in the world, The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB).

For Miami Film Month 2014 we helped to arrange a film tour contest that showcased films made in Miami for one day every weekend of June. For each tour, personalities from the films rode on the tour buses giving commentary about each film’s production (The film Goldfinger is an example). The tour buses stopped at different locations of production ending at one of Miami’s celebrated art house theaters where the film would screen for the contest winners.

For Miami Film Month we helped to put together film screenings and panels with films and filmmakers that have been to and won some of the biggest festivals in the world including Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes and The Grammy’s in addition to showcasing some of Miami’s biggest filmmaking talent. The month culminated in an event that featured winners of the Miami Film Month Contest, a screeninng of the Sundance winning short film “Yearbook” with Q&A by the producer and director Bernardo Britto and a musical performance by one of Miami’s biggest breakthrough groups Deaf Poets. KijiK selected the venue, the film and the musical group in addition to contest promotions aiding in increasing the expected selection pool by 400 percent. In addition KijiK provided video and photography coverage.

The following Miami Film Month we continued the Miami Film Month contest in which participants entered one minute short films for their chance to win up to $5000.00 in cash. We also put together the Miami Film Month closing night event that featured the award winning film “This Modern Man is Beat” featuring Emmy Award winning actor Jordi Vilasuso. For the second year in a row we featured a film by Bernardo Britto, “Glove” which has been shortlisted for an Academy Award. The winning films of the Miami Film Month contest were announced at the Miami Film Month closing night event where the three winners were presented with checks for their amazing work.

For Miami Live Month we were able to connect some of the biggest music talent from Miami and showcase them before a tour that stopped at some of Miami’s top live music venues. Participants were able to experience the world of each artist with an interactive Q&A session on the Miami Live Tour Bus. KijiK selected the artists and conducted the interactive Q&A in addition to video and photography coverage.