It’s (Sove Nou) the most important film being made anywhere in the world today.- Jonathan Demme, filmmaker

You tell it like it really is.- Klodie Lemoine, artist

It will take our message to a different stage.- Marleine Bastien, activist (quote, The Miami Herald)

Narrated by Danny Glover


Nou Sove is the second in the Sove Nou trilogy of films about Haiti and her people. The documentary highlights some of the struggles Haiti is currently facing and some of the people and organizations that are doing something to bring about change.

Jimmy Jean Louis, Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, Maria Bello, the beautiful children and people of Haiti.

See footage from Nou Sove on the Hollywod Unites for Haiti website

Jimmy Jean Louis in Haiti courtesy of Marc Baptiste

Josh Brolin in Haiti courtesy of Stephano Guindini