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The Screen Heat Miami podcast is cranking! Check out some of the interviews we’ve done so far and check out the podcast at!

-Screen Heat hosts Jose Luis Martinez and KijiK President Kevin Sharpley

– Actor/producer Jimmy Jean-louis (#CLAWS#Heroes /#HeroesReborn#Joy#Rattlesnakes)

-Matthew Stein- Senior Vice President of scripted television and film for Live Nation Entertainment (who just had a big hit with their first film #AStarIsBorn)

-Interview with writer Ethan Banville ( iCarly, Drake & Josh and My Babysitter’s A Vampire)

– MMFM panel featuring Screen Heat interviewee Emmy Award winner Carlos Rafael Rivera, sound designer Justin Trieger who did the theme music for Screen Heat Miami and actor/producer Jimmy Jean-Louis.

-Kevin Sharpley with podcast 3 interviewee legendary 7-time #Emmy nominated writer Karen Hall who wrote the most watched television episode of all time, the finale of the show M.A.S.H. and everything from Hill Street Blues to The Good Wife and South Florida’s own The Glades.

-Kevin Sharpley with podcast 2 interviewee Oscar winning producer Paul Brett, (The King’s Speech, Chef, Dances With Wolves, Wolf Hall)

-Kevin Sharpley with podcast 1 interviewee CEO of Film London and the British Film Commision Adrian Wooton.

-Kevin Sharpley with Screen Heat co-host @jlmartinez17 (top pic anchor) and @julzvelazquez (middle front-bottom)+podcast assistant @joffre26 (middle-bottom) of KijiKmultimedia.

-Interview with Carlos Rafael Rivera who won an Emmy for musical composition for the limited series Godless on Netflix

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