Our latest animated film is well underway!

We’re really excited as we head into production on our latest animated film Above Ground. It’s the second in our series about mental health, this one dealing with loss, the opioid crisis and rebirth. Drug deaths were up 30% in 2020 and we want to tackle the issue head on. Our first film in our mental health series has gone to 13 festivals and has won six awards so far (PeterPantiesTheMovie.com). We’re hoping this one touches even more people.

For this film we were able to bring on an animator from a mentorship program we have with ADA Animation in Kenya from the boot camp they have with animation students from across the country. We had hands on experience working with her there and are excited to have her on board for Above Ground. Look for more behind the scenes as we continue production with this very important film.

Here’s  a conceptual still.

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