Arlene Tur has worked in film and television for many years. She played Bebe Arcel in the STARZ television series "Crash", the unforgetable Pamela Calva on the hit show " Greys Anatomy", and is well known for her role in the hit Telemundo drama, "Los Teens". Arlene has hosted shows for the Discovery Channel, Wild on E, The Travel Channel, Univision's Caliente and is the host of our show "Playing as Locals".

Paulo our enegmatic co-host can be seen in the web series and upcoming documentary "Clubland" by the creators of the hugely succesful documentary "Cocaine Cowboys" 1 and 2 , which will soon be a television series.

"Playing as Locals" pits Arlene against the world and challenges her to find the places the locals feel are hot. We put her in the hot seat by challenging her to try a physical feat she has never tried before on each episode. The results turn out to be sexy, fun, and hilarious all at once. Tune in to see each segment in the coming weeks.


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