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At Kijik we tell stories. Remember when you were a kid; you could dream anything and make that world come alive. We do that in the real world. We can create any world your imagination can come up with or help to conceptualize a world for dreams to inhabit. We do production in various mediums; films, commercials, music videos, web, documentaries, animation and more. We even put on and cover events, build apps and can design your logo if you're just starting out. KijiK can also tell your story utlizing the latest social tools; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. We can build a campaign utilizing all the tools at our disposal and tell your story on multiple media platforms for an integrated, fully immersive experience that will engage on many levels.

From feature film to television to corporate, we've worked with clients as varied as the US Air Force to Bacardi to the Miami Science Museum. We also produce our own projects like our documentary "Sove Nou" narrated by Danny Glover and our critically acclaimed multi-platform series "The Beach Chronicles" featuring Daryl Hannah, Michael Chiklis, Jimmy Jean Louis from "Heroes Reborn" and "Heroes". We even have a radio program and comic, TBC Radio Noir and the comic book based off of the podcast featuring Emmy Award winning actor Jordi Vilasuso and Nancy Sinatra.

If you're really curious, check out our reel. It features a sample of many of our services and celebrities we've worked with, as well as some of the places we've been. This includes concert coverage and interview with Wycleff Jean, highlighted celeb supermodel/actor Tyson Beckford (Zoolander, Make Me a Supermodel, Dream Street), Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith (Meet the Smiths, The Price is Right) from our soon to be released short film and web series "Lifeline", which also features Marc Menard (Gossip Girl, Lost, Watch Over Me), Arlene Tur (South Beach on HULU, Torchwood, Crash, Eat Pray Love) from our series "Playing as Locals" and "The Beach Chronicles", the world renowned hotel "The Shore Club", Robert Dinero's restaurant "Nobu" and much more. You can also take a look at some of the videos below featuring Academy Award nominated director David Lynch, Academy Award nominated actor Josh Brolin and one of the top events in the world Art Basel.

We've also produced non-profit projects for organizations and celebs such as the Sustainatopia Award promo for actress Maria Bello and her organization "We Advance" and the profile promo for hit singer/songwriter Melky Jean and her organization Carma Foundation. Click on the services link above to see more of what we do or feel free to contact us at for more info. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you.



Transcendental Music web intro with Academy Award nominated director David Lynch of Twin Peaks on Showtime









The Beauty of Haiti-an excerpt from our upcoming documentary Nou Sove

in the clip- Jimmy Jean Louis, Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, Maria Bello, the beautiful children and people of Haiti.



The Beach Chronicles -Dirks Back

"Nou Sove" teaser featuring Jimmy Jean Louis, Josh Brolin and Maria Bello
"Sove Nou" narrated by Danny Glover- teaser trailer



The Beach Chronicles AGX meets LX [TransMedia]
KijiK Covers Art Basel [Event]

Maria Bello-We Advance [Non-Profit]

In memory of Presscott McDonald

Eddie Griffin [Profile]

Lose Yourself in Belize
The Beach Chronicles app


The Mariposas [EPK]


Michael Hutchence-Friction Teaser [Music Video]




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